This week was the Polk County Spelling Bee! Many Acorn students placed very well! We are incredibly proud of them! A big shout out to Drew Mabry! Drew is an extremely incredible individual! He did exceptionally well in the Spelling Bee. Drew is a 4th grader, and he placed first in 5th and 6th grade and 2nd place in 7th grade!!! We are so proud of all of these kiddos! Below are the individuals who placed in the Spelling Bee:

First Grade          Kyelee Horn--Third Place

Second Grade     Rajesh Dandikar--First Place
                                        Lily Arender--Third Place

Fourth Grade       Drew Mabry--First Place
                                       Cy Young--Second Place

Fifth Grade           Drew Mabry--First Place

Sixth Grade          Drew Mabry--First Place

Seventh Grade     Drew Mabry--Second Place
                                         Lyndsey Powell--Third Place

Eighth Grade        Jasmine Onstott--Third Place