The Acorn Cross Country Underdogs Take State

On November 5th, 2020, something unexpected happened. Well, it was shocking for the other teams. The Acorn Sr. Boys Cross Country team took the State Championship. It is an understatement that these boys were the underdogs. The announcers and spectators believed Quitman was projected to win. During the race, you could hear spectators saying, "Where did these Acorn Boys come from." Little did they know that Acorn had All-Star runners and a team of great coaches to support them. Some of the boys who competed hadn't competed in a race the whole year, which shows that the boys are athletes as well as team players. They knew if they ran, they might have a chance at the title. These boys have grit and tenacity, and when they put their minds to something, they can achieve anything! Congratulations to Justice Neufeld finished 2nd place, Isacc Tedder, 9th place, Damian Bohlman, 11th place, Jake Lyle, 13th place, Brady Hair 15th place, Noah Holland, Dakota Sullivan,  Lucas Parnell, Joshua Tilley, Jonah Rogan. Our top 5 runners finished in the top 20!!  Congratulations to Coach Willsey and our Acorn Sr. High Boys Cross Country Team for Winning the 2a State Championship!! A big thank you to Coach Willsey, Coach Bohlman, Jackson, and Ledbetter for the support.