2020 senior athletes

Last Thursday, January 6th, was a fantastic night on the Acorn Campus.  It was the senior night, which holds a special meaning on campus. Before the sad occasion of Senior Night, the High school had the senior pep rally, which was one of the last for our seniors. The Seniors were out for revenge for the spirit stick because the Juniors defeated them at the Homecoming pep rally. Later that day, there was a huge crowd to celebrate all of the spectacular senior athletes at Acorn. The Jr. Girls started with the win vs. Mount Ida and the winning continued. The Sr. Girls defeated the Lady Lions, and as each senior stepped off the court, their name was called one last time. Many tears were shed as the underclassmen lined up to hug their fellow teammates. Following the Sr. Girls game, the seniors walked with their parents as they were applauded for all of their accomplishments at Acorn High. People presented them with gifts of their love and appreciation. The Sr. Boys finished the night off with a win as well vs. the Lions. When the senior boys stepped off this court for their last home game, believe it or not, they shed tears too. They also had great teammates that were sad that they are graduating. Acorn High School contains a fantastic group of senior athletes in this 2019-2020 school year. They have already impacted our community significantly and are going to change the world. All of Ouachita River School District are sad to see them go but wish them luck in the next chapter of life!!

Graduation is not the end; it's the beginning. -Orrin Hatch