Box Tops

Just a friendly reminder: Box Tops for Education has gone digital!

The Box Tops that we're all used to (the ones you cut off ✂️the package and send to school) are being phased out. BUT... the program isn't going away. It's just going to be different now. When you purchase items that have Box Tops on them, you can now quickly SCAN your receipt using the Box Tops app and credit for your items will immediately go to our school account! It's that easy! They even offer multiple BONUS Box Top opportunities through the app allowing you to earn even more.

*** As long as you still have "clippable" Box Tops, please continue sending them into school. You can even "double dip" by scanning your receipt off items that still have the older Box Top - which means our school receives double credit for them! 

Send in clipped Box Tops by tomorrow October 31st for them to go into this semesters submission.  

P.S. If you do not want to download the app you can send in your grocery receipts and one of our teachers can scan it for you. They expire after 7 days. 

For more information please visit their website