This Friday, Oct. 18, is the Blue and Gold games. This is always a special event at the Acorn campus. On this day, students/faculty dress up in as much blue and gold as they can to show their Tiger pride!!! They participate in a pep rally that day which is always amazing. The Jr. High basketball teams are matched up against each other, so Acorn has a good chance of winning. On another note, the Sr. High teams are matched up against Alumni. This is always one of the best games of the year, and something interesting always occurs! Come on out to support the teams and to kick off the 2019-2020 basketball season! Below are some fond memories of the blue and gold games from Alumni and Coaches:

Tammy Young, "As a high school athlete, it was always an exciting experience for me to play against the Lady Tigers' alumni at the Acorn Blue/Gold games. These were not only talented and skilled athletes, but were mentors and friends both on and off the court. My favorite memories always included sharing the court again and scrimmaging with them like old times." 

Anonymous, "Coach Jackson didn't yell at us as much."

Katelyn Staggs, "Duct taping Lexi last year so that she couldn't play."

Kim Posey, "We always had a cheering section at the blue and gold game. Our whole class came and showed their school spirit, whether they played or not. It was just fun."

Coach Jackson, "It means we are kicking off the season, and it is just fun! It lets us know our strengths and weaknesses and the areas we need to work. Abby, Jasmine, and Sky, all playing the same year, is probably one of my favorite blue and gold games."

Michelle McGee, "The entree fee for athletes, was soap and towel donations. We didn't have cheerleaders, but we had this big pep squad. We would get so fired up, and even get the audience into it."

Lisa Daniels, "My favorite memory of Blue and Gold games or any ball game in high school was hearing my parents cheer for me in the stands."

Rick Ellison, "We didn't have blue and gold games, but my favorite memory from playing was beating Mena."