The spring semester is a busy time for all FFA chapters throughout the state. Many chapters are preparing for the CDE season. There are multiple events covering several areas of agriculture that students in our area will be participating in this spring. Acorn FFA takes pride in our Ag mechanics and Electricity teams. Today, Jan. 24 there was an electricity event at UA Rich Mountain.  Acorn had three teams participating. This event is organized by Mena High School FFA and Aleshire Electric Company. Teams from all of the Southern half of Arkansas are invited to this contest. It is a good learning experience for our students as they prepare for district competition in March. The format of the electricity competition is that a team consists of 4 members, all 4 members take a written 50 question multiple choice exam that covers information from the National Electric Code book. Each of the 4 team members will perform a hands on practicum, each worth 200 points and they have 40 minutes to perform the skill. One team member will have to draw an electrical diagram per instructions using proper color code and electrical symbols, one member will complete a wiring plan or floor plan for a kitchen, utility room, or shop, one member will have to actually wire an electrical problem involving switches, lights, outlets, etc. and one student will have to correctly identify the names of 50 electrical tools and devices. To prepare for competition we spend lots of time in our Ag. Shop working on our wiring and diagramming skills. We also go over and over information and rules that could be on the written exam. These are real-world skills that teach decision making, hard work, and doing your part, so you don't let others down. If taken seriously, these types of events can point a student toward a great career choice.
The Acorn students who participated at UA Rich Mountain today were Brody Webb, Raymond Hannaman, Jacob Moore, Bradlee Bissell, Eric Mowdy, Brady Hair, Keelan Allen, Nathan Watts, Brady Lyle, Kacy Head, and Caleb Reynolds. Hair, Allen, Watts, Lyle, Head, Reynolds, and Damian Pool are members of our Ag. Mechanics team, but Electricity is one of their areas for competition this year, so they will participate at Rich Mountain for the valuable practice and contest experience they can gain. Last year, both our Electricity team and our Ag Mechanics team qualified for the State FFA contest, which was held at UA Fayetteville, so we hope to qualify again this year. Our next competitive event is Friday, Feb. 14, at the Colts Classic at UA Cossatot in DeQueen.

More information will be announced on the places of our teams.

Jim Pennington
Ag Ed Instructor / FFA Advisor