2019 Harvest Festival Royalty

Harvest Festival last Friday was a huge success!!! Many people attended to support Acorn Schools. From each grade a King and Queen were selected. From those selected, an overall King and Queen were chosen based on the grade that raised the most money. There were two categories (Elementary and High School). Pre-School did not have winners, but there were many flower girls and escorts. Harvest Festival Royalty is listed below:

Preschool Flower Girls and Escorts

Abi Wagner and Andrew Laird

Marley Craft and Ryan White

Brooklyn Bard and Rylan Zakin

Abbigale Johnson and Lane Matthews

Emma Hulliberger and Ace Bryan 

Amelia Tedder and Chisum Myers

Erin Standridge and Eli Shaddon


Kindergarten- Oakley Shores and Kierstin Cameron

1st Grade Truitt Strother and Brylan Clark

2nd Grade John Wood and Ryder Taylor

3rd Grade Drew Mabry and Bailey White

4th Grade Beau Rodgers and Jacee White

5th Grade Landon McAdams and Josey Dollar

6th Grade Nicholas Bedford and Starla Carrillo

 7th Braxton Page & Sydney Holliday

 8th Sean Rios & Ava Smith-Hawley 

 9th Austin Davis & Ally Bissell

10th Tyler Lyle & River Rodgers

11th Austin Zarrella & Sandy Strother

12th Justin Dowlen & Mercedes Moody

Harvest Festival Winners:


1st- John Wood and Ryder Taylor (2nd)

2nd- Beau Rodgers and Jacee White (4th)

3rd- Drew Mabry and Bailey White (3rd)

High School

1st- Austin Davis & Ally Bissell (9th)

2nd- Sean Rios & Ava Smith-Hawley (8th)

3rd- Tyler Lyle & River Rodgers (10th)