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Contact Phone Numbers

ORSD Phone Numbers
Admin Office                                                               479-394-2348
Superintendent’s Office                                                479-394-2348
Acorn Campus Phone Numbers
Elementary Counselor                                                  479-243-0396
High School                                                                479-394-5544
Elementary                                                                  479-394-4833
High School Counselor                                                479-394-7339
Cafeteria                                                                    479-394-4277
High School FAX                                                         479-394-1041
Elementary FAX                                                          479-394-5213
Nurse                                                                         479-394-0391
Oden Campus
Oden Campus Secretary                                              870-326-4311
        Counselor                                                                870-326-4410     
Fax #                                                                          870-326-5552

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