Cross Country and Track Information

Acorn Track Season: Information coming soon.









Acorn Sr. Girls State Runner Up Class A/AA Cross Country Championships

6     Ashlynn Bissell Acorn High School 22:13.4 7:10/M

 9 9 1013 Faith Hill Acorn High School 22:55.6 7:24/M

13 11 1012 Kendra Branson Acorn High School 23:10.7 7:28/M

39 30 1015 Sophie Jackson Acorn High School 26:01.6 8:24/M

63 49 1018 Kimberly Strasner Acorn High School 27:15.7 8:47/M

70 55 1019 Josey Webb Acorn High School 27:32.9 8:53/M

 71 56 1014 Gracie Hill Acorn High School 27:49.7 8:58/M

 72 (> 7) 1016 Mercedes Mowdy Acorn High School 27:50.4 8:59/M

85 (> 7) 1017 Amelia Still Acorn High School 29:02.7 9:22/M



Acorn Sr. Boys 3rd


23 22 6 Brady Lyle Acorn High School 19:02.0 6:08/M

 31 29 225 Will Layne Crowley's Ridge Academy 19:19.4 6:14/M

 32 30 5 Cross Hughes Acorn High School 19:24.0 6:15/M

 33 31 939 Rhett Nelson Trinity Christian School 19:26.1 6:16/M

 34 32 1 Matthew Chaney Acorn High School 19:31.8 6:18/M

 35 33 3 Melchiah Hicks Acorn High School 19:35.4 6:19/M

43 41 8 Chad Sutton Acorn High School 20:01.6 6:27/M

 48 46 4 Adam Hughes Acorn High School 20:16.1 6:32/M

65 (> 7) 9 Jeremiah Swint Acorn High School 20:42.7 6:41/M

88 (> 7) 7 Zech Mayo Acorn High School 21:55.8 7:04/M






Highlights of Acorn results from Magazine.  More results as they become avaliable.


 The Acorn Tigers Cross Country got off to a great start @ the Magazine Rattler run with Freshman Ashlynn Bissell leading the Jr. Lady Tigers to a 3rd place team finish, by winning the 1.5 mile race in class 1A- 6A..


  Justice Neufield lead the Jr. Tigers to the team title with  finishing with a first place finish in the 1A-3A division, with Brady Hair 5th, Jake Lyle 7th and TJ Bissell 9th.


    Sr. Girls Faith Hill helped the Acorn Lady Tigers to a 2nd place team finish in the 1A -3A division with winning first place. Kendra Branson was 6th.



   Cross Hughes lead the Tigers to the team championship with top honors in the 1A-3A division. The Tigers dominated by placing 5 in top 10. With Brady Lyle 4th, Matthew Chaney 7th, Chad Sutton 8th and Melchiah Hicks 9th.



2017 Cross Country Schedule


·  Magazine Invitational (Thursday)                           September  16th

·  Mansfield (Saturday)                                          September   23rd

·  Acorn   (Tuesday)                                               September   26th 

·  Mena/Acorn @ Mena Lions Club (Tuesday)           October        3rd 

·  Idabel Cross Country     (Monday)                       October        9th

·  Pre State Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs  (Sat.)      October       14th

·   SouthWest Regional @ Acorn (Wed.)                   October       25th. 

·   State Cross Country ( Friday)                               November   3rd

·  Magazine River Valley All Star (Saturday)                           November   11th


Acorn 2017 Tentative Track Schedule



28th Jr. Leopard Relays @ DeQueen


2nd  Sr. Leopard Relays @ DeQueen

14th TBA All Teams

28th Sr. Mansfield Relays @ Mansfield

30th Jr. Mansfiedl Relays @ Mansfield


4th  Jr. Nashville  Relays @ Nashville

6th Sr. Nashville Relays @ Nashville

10th 7th Grade Waldron @ Waldron

11th Jr. Waldron Relays @ Waldron

13th Sr. Waldron Relays @ Waldron

17th Quad City Relays Mansfield @ Mansfield

20th Jr. High Conference @ TBA

25th Sr. High Conference @ TBA


May 2nd  State @ TBA


2016 Cross Country Schedule

Sept. 13th  All Teams           @ Acorn

Sept. 24th  All Teams           @ Mansfield

Sept. 27th   All Teams           @ Magazine

Oct. 4th      All Teams                @ Mena/Acorn

Oct. 10th     Sr. Only              @ Idabell

Oct. 22nd     Sr. Only             @ Lake Hamilton

Oct. 27th                                TBA

Nov. 2nd      All Teams          Regional

Nov. 12th    Sr. Only            State