FCCLA 2015 Remind: 81010@645af


Annette Hays, FACS Teacher & FCCLA Adviser



As an Acorn FCCLA officer, ________________________________________has my permission to attend any Acorn FACS/FCCLA related fieldtrip or activity, via Mrs. Hays’ van, school van, school car or bus.  My cell # is 479-234-2057.

Photo release: Signing below also allows Mrs. Hays to photograph students and publish to appropriate media.


Average estimate for food is approximately $10 if we eat off campus. Dress for any official FCCLA event is official dress (black or khaki slacks or skirt and white, red or black polo).  

Time of departure and return varied depending upon event but will be communicated to the student ahead of time.


PARENT SIGNATURE _____________________________  DATE ______________