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WELCOMEto Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS)! As a classroom teacher with 31 years experience (27 years in the Acorn Public School, now a part of Ouachita River District), I am a lifelong learner and dedicated educator whose primary goal is to help students recognize and develop their potential. The Family and Consumer Sciences curriculum and the Career Technical Student Organization (CTSO), Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), offers students the opportunities to attain success through development of their creative and critical thinking skills, vocational preparation, personal growth, and academic achievement. Truly the FACS curriculum and involvement in FCCLA can help students apply academics to life skills that will propel them to prosper in every aspect of their lives-socially, physically, intellectually, emotionally, and morally. The opportunity is there and my desire is that each student will seize that opportunity, take responsibility for their learning, and exceed expectations to become positive, productive members of society.

Housing and Interior Design

Course Code: 493140

Grade Level:  9 - 12

Course Description: Housing and Interior Design focuses on personal and family housing needs, options for meeting those needs, and the impact of the housing industry on the economy. Attention is given to student competencies addressing housing needs, trends, finance, construction and artful principles as applied to housing. Other topics emphasize competencies related to management of furnishings and appliances, conservation, green design, home technology, and career opportunities in housing. Students achieving these competencies will develop an appreciation for housing and interior design. Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be able to make informed decisions in securing and maintaining a personal or family home.

Unit 1: Housing Needs and Decisions

Unit 2: Architectural Design and Construction

Unit 3: Furnishings and Design

Unit 4: Safety and Security

Unit 5: Careers and the Housing Industry

Resources: Arkansas Department of Career Education FACS Housing & Interior Design Curriculum Content Frameworks

      Text-Housing Decisions, Goodheart-Willcox; CEV Multimedia

      For vocabulary review:

                  Studybulb: http://www.studybulb.com/dir?grade=2&subject=99&tag=arkansas_frameworks-facs&page=1

                  Quizlets: http://acorn.dmsc.k12.ar.us/haysa/www.Quizlet.com%20FACS%20Guide.htm

GENERAL CLASSROOM RULES are based on Respect for Self, Others, and Authority. I follow all the guidelines and policies set forth in the AHS Student Handbook and established by the Principal and/or School Board. A separate handout outlining the CLASSROOM PROCEDURES/EXPECTATIONS/STANDARDS/NORMS for the Family and Consumer Sciences Classroom/Lab Areas will be explained and modeled during the first week of school.

GRADES:  The grading scale in the AHS handbook will be followed. Numerous opportunities (at least 3 per week) to earn grades will come from tests, projects, fair entries (fall semester), labs (where appropriate) as well as time management, participation, bell work (thought for the day), daily quizzes, class work-group and individual, and homework.

                    SUPPLIES:  Notebook- 3-ring binder, notebook paper, pens and/or pencils.

FAMILY, CAREER AND COMMUNITY LEADERS OF AMERICA (FCCLA): All secondary students who are currently reenrolled or who have been enrolled in a Family and Consumer Sciences course for at least one semester are eligible to join the national Career Technical Education Student Organization (CTSO), Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, FCCLA, whose main focus is the family. Dues remain $10.00.



  • Family and Consumer Science is the core course and must be taken first and passed; l credit.
  • Total of 3 credits in FACS courses by second semester senior year.
  • Completer Certificate awarded during Senior Awards Assembly.
  • FACS completer seal affixed to transcript or diploma.
  • Resume builder-demonstrates a knowledge base and skills attained in a CTE program of study.


  • Food & Nutrition (1/2 credit) is the core course.
  • Total of 3 Credits in FACS courses INCLUDING THE CORE COURSES-Food & Nutrition(1/2 credit);

& Food Production (1 credit) then 1 1/2 additional credits including nutrition & wellness (1/2 credit) & FACS (1 credit),

  • Completer Certificate awarded during Senior Awards Assembly.
  • FACS completer seal affixed to transcript or diploma.
  • Resume builder-demonstrates a knowledge base and skills attained in a CTE program of study.

Please sign the acknowledgement portion of this letter below. This will become the first page in the student binder, until they receive the table of contents @ end of the nine weeks, then this will become page 2! Your student will receive credit for your signature at the end of first nine weeks, first binder check.  Thank you,

                                                                                                                    Mrs. Hays

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