Welcome Caregivers and Students!

I am proud of this batch of artists!   Most have tried very hard to learn new concepts and techniques.  I look forward to seeing these budding artists improve their skills over the school year.

Schedule:  Your child is in either my 2nd period or 3rd period class Monday through Friday.


Supplies:  I want your child to bring to every class 2 pencils (at least 1 should be a #2), a block eraser, a handheld pencil sharpener, and a sketchbook/notebook.  I am asking for your child to bring a set of colored pens, and $3 to go towards a classroom subscription of Scholastic Art Magazine.

LESSON PLANSfor the 11th week, October 26-30

Contact information:  If you have experience or knowledge related to art or different cultures, I am interested, please contact me.  If you have questions or concerns, I would like to address them.  My edress is pstapp@orsd.k12.ar.us  I can also be contacted through the high school office at 479-394-5544.  My conference time is during the high school's 5th period.  If needed, I could flip my lunch and conference to meet during the high school lunch.  I am also available right after 3:00