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2016MarchApril Teen Times Magazine
February 2016 Choices Magazine

Calculate your life expectancy by answering online questions

January 2016 Choices Magazine
2015November December Teen Times
2015September Choices Magazine

This article is in reference to weight loss; however this information is easily transferrable to learning and retaining any habit!

April 2015 Choices Magazine
March 2015 Choices Magazine
February 2015 Choices Magazine

From a blog that is part of My Fitness Pal app...note the caveate at the end warning about the dangers of too MUCH protein consumption because it is hard on the kidneys! Ketones are difficult to metabolize and dispose of!

2015 January February Teen Times
January 2015 Choices
December 2014 Teen Times

Great review site for EOC testing!

November/December 2014 Choices Magazine
Wedding Webquest
Arkansas Next Magazine
October 2014 Choices Magazine

an article about Howard Gardner.

September Choices Magazine

We will be doing work from hard copies of this magazine Friday of the first week of case of absence or if you just want to check it out for yourself online, this is the link to the issue.  Note there are also associated videos (we will view one in class) along with "buttons" you can click that have worksheets and questions, some of which we are using in class. Enjoy!