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Phyllis Stapp
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HS 5th p./Jr. high lunch

Art Studio  3rd - 5th Grade

Welcome Students and Parents!

 I hope your child has fun learning in the art studio all this year.  Feel free to contact me at   or through either office.  479-394-5544 (HS) if you have any questions, concerns, or feel you may have knowledge of techniques, projects, or cultures relevant to art that you would like to share with students.

Supplies: I hope you can help me out this year.  Here is what I would like your child to bring the the art studio

3rd grade: 1 package of plastic cups (for wetting and washing brushes)

4th grade:  cleaning wipes (for killing germs and cleaning tables)

5th grade:  1 pkg pencils and a notebook or sketchbook.  The sketchbook is for your child only.

Several of you have already donated supplies.  Thank you so very much!

Schedule: Please keep this in mind when your child dresses for the day.

3rd grade:  Thursday (Nance) or Friday (Myers)

4th grade:  Monday (Davis) or Wednesday (Jackson)

5th grade:  Tuesday (Pearce) or Thursday (Kesterson)

Lesson Plans   for the 11th week, October 26-30